Mickeys Finale (Ruby)


Ruby is an 8-year-old Registered Gaited Missouri Fox Trotter Show/Trail Horse Standing just a little under 15 hh. Ruby has gone through my training program and has many miles under her, she has experienced everything I can think of on and off the trail as you can see in her video, For example… Ruby has been ridden in large and small groups, ridden double, she has crossed creeks, bridges, puddles, ditches, and mud. She has been ridden around cows and other farm animals, through obstacle courses, in town around traffic, loud vehicles, and farm machinery.

Ruby can also lay down on command, back up with ease, stop on command, drives, side passes up to any object, neck reins, spins, canters, ponies other horses, easy to bathe, no problems loading and unloading, drags objects, easy to bridle, saddle and shoe. She has no issues with tarps, whips, the sound of guns, or plastic bags.

Ruby is the kind of horse that will take you wherever you want to go, you just point the way. She is willing to please anyone. In my opinion she’s the most perfectly gaited horse even without a bridle And you’ll probably never find a horse that likes a bit as much as ruby does. It’s nice having a horse eager to please.

You can visit the website thehorsebay.com to take a look at her pedigree and the results of her pre-purchase exam and any other information about her you may need.

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