Spirits Fancy Sensation (Sausha)


Introducing “Spirits Fancy Sensation” aka “Sausha”

Sausha is a gorgeous registered Tennessee Walking gaited trail horse. She has gone through extensive training for real world situations. She has a very smooth gait, canters well, has a quiet and friendly disposition, and is enjoyable to ride on and off the trails.

Sausha is very willing to please and has been ridden by many riders of different ages. She will sidepass up to objects to mount and dismount, she lays down on command, she backs up with ease in the saddle and on the ground, rides alone and in groups (in the back, in the middle and leading the group)

Sausha has been desensitized to cows, dogs, and other farm animals, she has been ridden in town around traffic and in the country around wildlife. She has been ridden on many trails in southwest Missouri and has gone through many different kinds of terrain. She has crossed rivers, ponds, puddles, through thick mud, bridges (over and under), over logs , steep inclines, etc… Sausha has also experienced loud noises like farm equipment, guns, loud traffic, and whips.

Sausha has been a pleasure to have around for the whole family to enjoy and will make someone a great trail horse.

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