Asia is a 7 yr old Tennessee walker Missouri fox trotter cross that we’ve had in our training program and are now offering her for sale. She’s 14-1 hands and she’s an automatic smooth gaiting horse.
Asia has gone on many trail rides here around the Ozarks and has experienced things along the way like crossing ponds, creeks, and puddles, going up and down steep inclines, riding around cows, mules, chickens, and dogs. We have been in fields with horses running around Asia and she keeps calm and collected. Asia has also experienced tarps, whips, guns, trailering, object drug behind her, she will also stand great for a  farrier or for bathing. We have gone on a few camping trips while we had Asia and she did great standing behind our portable electric fences, hobbles or standing tied which made it more enjoyable to take her along. Asia neck reins, side-passes up to obstacles to mount and dismount, backs up from a lead-rope, hand gestures, by her tail or while on her back, she will also spin.. Asia will do anything she can to please you.

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