I’m All Shook Up (Sonny)


Meet “I’m all shook up” aka “Sonny” he is a seven-year old registered Missouri Fox Trotter Gaited Trail Gelding, a been there done that kind of horse with a very smooth gait, quiet disposition, and he is enjoyable to ride.

Sonny can be ridden with or without a bridle, saddle or bareback, he backs up with ease, lays down on command to mount and dismount, side passes up to any object, rides
well in large and small groups, easy to catch, neck reins, and drives. Sonny has desensitized to cows, dogs, and other farm animals. He is also trained to canter,foxtrot and running walk.

Sonny has also experienced many trails, crossed many creeks, logs, rivers, puddles and bridges, He has also been to parks and parades, has experienced loud sounds like guns, fireworks, heavy farm equipment, and loud traffic. Sonny has no issues with tarps, whips, steep inclines, wildlife on or off the trails. He is a horse that my whole family enjoys riding. Sonny has experience in the show ring, he is also the grandson of the legendary “Southern Sunrise” Missouri Foxtrotter.

Sonny has a great personality and would make someone a wonderful family trail horse.

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